Electricity Safety Tips

electricity safety tips Are your family members aware of the potential dangers involved with electricity?  Payless Power, your low-income electric provider, would like to share some important electricity safety tips you and your children should be aware of. First, remember electricity travels from its original source towards the ground, so it is important that your body is not in the way!

  1. Do not touch electrical outlets, and never stick anything except an electric plug into the outlet.
  2. When unplugging something, always pull by the plug – not the cord.
  3. Don’t overload an outlet by putting in too many plugs.
  4. Keep your eye out for damaged plugs and cords of indoor/outdoor electrical equipment.
  5. Electrical appliances and toys should never be near sources of water, such as the bathtub.
  6. Do not touch any outdoor wires with your hands or another object.  Let your parent know where you found the outdoor electric wire so they can have the hazard taken care by a professional.
  7. Watch out for overhead wires if you are flying a kite or climbing trees. If up on a ladder, be aware of any nearby overhead wires.
  8. Stay away from electric fences normally found on rural farm property.  Never touch one to check if it really works!
  9. When making a kite to fly, it is important to avoid any material that conducts electricity (like copper wire).
  10. Don’t fly any model planes or kites when the sky is stormy and dark.  Lightning could be in the atmosphere that you haven’t even seen yet.

Electricity is a wonderful thing to use for work and play, but it can be dangerous if we don’t follow these basic electricity safety tips that Payless Power has provided for you.

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