Home Energy Saving Tips: The New Light Bulbs

Home Energy Saving tips Read any article on home energy saving tips, and you’ll surely run across ample praise for the latest energy-efficient light bulbs. Still, many consumers have yet to jump on this bandwagon, reluctant to part with their traditional incandescent bulbs. For those paying Dallas electric rates, it is important to go ahead and make the switch, because doing so will save more money than you may realize.

First, understand that soon you will not have a choice. Beginning next year, federal law mandates that incandescent bulbs be phased out. As of January 2014, only three-way bulbs, plant lights, and appliance bulbs will be incandescent, and any leftovers may become expensive novelty items. Retailers will be allowed to keep the old bulbs on the shelves until they run out, but most light bulb manufacturers have already begun to phase out traditional bulbs.

Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Even though many consumers complain about the harsh light of fluorescents as compared with the soft glow of an incandescent bulb, people may be more willing to adjust once they experience the savings in their energy rates. A typical household could save $10 to $50 on electricity each month by switching all of their incandescent bulbs to CFLs or LEDs, and if every American home replaced one bulb, it would reduce greenhouse gases by an amount equal to the emissions of 800,000 vehicles! That is huge for the environment, but it is also huge for the wallet of the average consumer. When it comes to electricity rates, Dallas has some of the highest costs in the country, so it makes sense for consumers in the area to use whatever home energy saving tips they can find. 

While it may be difficult to let go of the bulbs we have used since Edison patented them in 1880, it makes sense when it comes to energy rates and environmental costs. To find out how you can save more on your Dallas energy bill, visit paylesspower.com.

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