MLB 2012 Season: Power Players to Watch

MLB 2012 Season

MLB 2012 Season

As the MLB 2012 season opens, baseball fans are gearing up for an exciting year! Here in Texas, the Houston Astros are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary while simultaneously playing their last year in the National League, before moving to the American League West with the Texas Rangers. As always , the big news in the MLB 2012 season revolves around the power players.

  • Yoenis Cespedes of the A’s will be one to watch during this MLB season. A rookie centerfielder from Cuba, he has already garnered criticism for showboating, but his mammoth shots speak for themselves.
  • Texas’s own Yu Darvish is a rising star. The third-ranked Texas Rangers gambled on this pitching phenom, but it looks like the decision is already beginning to pay off. Could this Japanese import be poised to lead the team to the World Series in the MLB 2012 season?
  • Albert Pujols is another American League player with a reputation. Known for his powerful hitting, Pujols is considered by some to be the greatest player of his generation. Ever since he signed a ten-year contract with the Angels in 2011, he has continued to live up to his own stats, proving himself to be worth every penny of his hefty salary.
  • Many consider Dustin Pedroia to be the best player on the 2012 MLB schedule. He won a Fielding Bible Award in 2011 as the best fielding second baseman in MLB, as well as the AL’s Gold Glove, but that’s hardly surprising — this Red Sox player has not failed to impress since he won American League’s Rookie of the Year back in 2007.
  • Justin Verlander and Jered Weaver are the top two starting pitchers in the American League. Playing for the Detroit Tigers, Verlander is the reigning Cy Young winner, a player with a powerful work ethic and an eye on the World Series. Look for the MLB 2012 season to be his best yet! Weaver’s fastball is a thing of beauty, and this ace pitcher for the Angels rarely disappoints.


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