7 Energy Savings Ideas for Small Businesses


Run your own small business? Find out some easy ways to save energy, and money, in this post from Payless Power.

Do you run your own small company? Are you a contractor? Maybe you work from home as a consultant. You could even have a small office.

Whatever you do, you need every bit of capital you can get to keep growing your business.

Here’s what you should be on the lookout for to save money and energy:

  1. Consider Annual HVAC Maintenance

It doesn’t cost much, and it can catch costly major problems when they’re minor and inexpensive to fix. Not only do you save energy, but you save money on repairs and future maintenance too.

  1. Watch Your Windows!

If you have a small office, consider hanging blinds to block the sun out during the day. You can even get solar screens that let you see out, and keep the sun from shining in too. That helps you save money during summer because your HVAC won’t have to work as hard.

During the winter, let the sun help you out and open up your blinds. You’ll save money and energy because its heat warms your office.

  1. If You Rent Your Office Make Sure Your Landlord Uses CFLs

Not everyone’s made the change to CFLs or LEDs yet. CFLs are the best bang-for-your-buck these days, but LEDs, if your landlord can afford them, are much better. To put it in perspective, CFLs cost 75% less to operate, while lasting 10 times longer than incandescents.

  1. Always Buy Energy Star Products

They represent the most energy-efficient products in the market. Computers, printers, copiers, fridges, TVs, windows, thermostats, and many others get rated by Energy Star.

  1. Train Your Employees on Energy Usage Best Practices

Computer repair professionals know users are responsible for 90% of all problems they fix. And they repair the same ones over and over again.

The same is going to happen with energy usage at your small business with your employees. That is, unless you create official policy and refresh your employees with it annually.

  1. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Yes, you can still get throwaway batteries. But evidence shows rechargeable batteries are much more effective. Plus, you save yourself a trip to the store, and having to go buy them.

  1. Consider an Energy Audit

With privatization in the Texas electric industry, there’s plenty of competition to help SMBs like yours reduce energy usage. You can get a free energy audit that tells you exactly how you can save electricity from many utility companies.

There’s 7 ways you can save energy and money. And you can use that to grow your business, or take a nice little vacation!

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas, But Your Electricity Bill Doesn’t Have to Be


Everything’s bigger in the Lone Star State, but when you’re looking for the cheapest electric company in Texas, less is more.

What’s bigger in Texas? For starters, sheer square mileage. About the size of France and Switzerland stuck together, Texas is the second-largest state in the nation at 268,820 square miles, right behind Alaska. But the bigness of Texas doesn’t stop there: the job market is huge, and just keeps booming. For instance, the Texas solar industry provided nearly 7,000 living-wage jobs in February of 2015, and the oil and gas boom of recent years led to Texas creating 49% of all new U.S. jobs between 2009 and 2011. Record in-state job growth continued to surge throughout 2014.

Even with the thriving job market, one thing Texans don’t need any bigger is electricity rates. Through the ongoing quest to find the cheapest electric company in Texas, residents are shedding the “bigger is better” approach in favor of lower electric bills to keep them comfortable amid the humidity and heat for which Texas is also famous.

Deregulation Gives You the Power to Choose the Cheapest Electric Company in Texas

Higher temperatures and bigger populations means nearly unmanageable heat at times in cities like Houston and Austin. Fortunately, a convenient law known as deregulation of the electricity market makes it easier for 85% of Texans to keep themselves cool without drowning in their budgets, as they seek out the cheapest electric company in Texas.

Approved in 2002, deregulation makes it possible for residents to choose electricity service from a wide variety of retail electric providers (REPs). Intended to transfer control of electricity from the state and monopolies to local, independent providers, deregulation puts financial freedom more firmly in the pocketbook of the consumer.

In spite of the booming economy and shining metropolitan cities, hard-working Texans are savvy when it comes to saving and in that respect the lower the electric rates, the better.

What It All Means For You

When you’re searching for the cheapest electric company in Texas, deregulation arms you with multiple resources for comparing rates and finding the best provider for your budget and lifestyle.

Multiple factors that can help you research providers include:

  • Determining whether you want to pay a deposit or put money down to receive service
  • Your own preference for fixed rates, variable rates, or indexed rates
  • Whether the provider applies any cancellation fees
  • Urgent connection options
  • Daily notifications issued with prepaid services for optimal savings

As a Texan, you love the ultra-modern cities, the wide open spaces, and the romanticized largeness of our beloved state. You probably even enjoy the heat on most days. But when you’re looking at finding the cheapest electric company in Texas to minimize your bill, check in with Payless Power and see what we have to offer. Sign up with us today, and you’ll find the best things in life aren’t very large at all

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Top 5 Ways You Know Prepaid Electricity Is Right for You

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Are you happy with your electric provider? Does your monthly bill easily fit within your budget? If you’re shaking your head, prepaid electricity in Houston, Texas may be a game-changer for the way you use power.

Ever since the deregulation of the Texas electricity market was approved in 2002, residents in more than 400 Lone Star State cities, including Houston, have gained the freedom to choose their own electricity providers, including those that offer prepaid electricity. If you’re not sure whether this energy model is ideal for you, Payless Power has removed the guesswork by compiling a list of the top 5 ways you can gauge if you should make the prepaid leap.

  1. You Want to Save Money – We know you’re thinking, “Who doesn’t want to save money?” But the truth is that many people end up paying way more than is necessary for many commodities, including electricity. By going with prepaid electricity in Houston, you only pay for what you use, helping you automatically. Unlike fixed plans or indexed plans that are configured on the average consumer’s usage, you prepay when the balance gets low, just like refilling a prepaid phone or card.
  1. You Don’t Like to Deal with Contracts – Contracts can lock you into a monthly rate with a steep cancellation fee, should you need to terminate service. Overwhelming to many who may have unpredictable or limited income, contracts are inflexible and not sympathetic to the inevitable financial challenges life throws your way. Prepaid electricity Houston, Texas providers, like Payless Power, offer a variety of payment options and hold you to no contracts. You are free to leave when you no longer need or want service, without a cancellation fee, no questions asked.
  1. You’d Rather Not (Or Can’t) Pay a Costly Deposit – Just as inconvenient and costly as contracts, many providers require a deposit and credit check to activate service. During a tough economic time when many people’s credit is slipping, it’s comforting to know that regardless of your financial status, prepaid electricity allows anyone to receive the energy they need to power their lives.
  1. You Want Control Over Your Daily Use – Directly linked to how much you save, the best prepaid electricity providers offer tracking systems to monitor your daily usage. Usually sent via email or text, these alerts enable you to track trends to make sure you don’t run out of power before your next pay period. Customers of Payless Power have reported saving up to 27% on their energy bill by switching to prepaid service.
  1. You Need Electricity Now – When you’re in a pinch and need emergency electricity, prepaid is the way to go. No one can wait around for power, especially in the heart of our Houston summers, when AC is a way of life. Without having to wait for credit checks or shelling out money for a deposit, you can often activate service within hours.

Prepaid is quickly becoming the choice for budget-conscious residents of our Southern city. To activate prepaid electricity in Houston, Texas, sign up with Payless Power today.

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The Single Best Home Energy Savings Tip


What’s the number one thing you can do to save energy at home?

Would it be to wrap your water heater in a blanket?

Should you keep the blinds pulled shut during summer?

What about taking shorter showers?

All great tips. But this one’s far better. And you’ll get more energy savings than any other tip.

Teach Your Family Energy Savings Habits

Why’s this the best tip?

Think about it: you can only do so much yourself. But when you teach everyone else in your family what to do, the effects multiply.

Otherwise, you spend all your time getting on their case and monitoring their behavior. That creates a negative relationship in your family – and you don’t want that. And you have so many other things to do, it’s going to be hard to pay attention too.

How do you teach your family members to save energy?

Some simple tips to do that:

  1. Model the Desired Behavior Yourself

Consistency makes a huge difference when changing behavior. If you don’t do it yourself, your family members will get angry and point out your wrongs.

You won’t do it perfectly. So you could ask them to help you watch your behavior. And then when they call you on your mistakes, admit to them.

  1. Set Goals and Have Your Family Suggest Rewards for Achieving Them

Start with something small. For example, you could say: let’s cut our electric bill by 10% this month.

Ask your family members how they’d like you to reward them. Maybe you take them out for pizza or ice cream.

They’ll be much more motivated to save energy when there’s a reward waiting for them.

  1. Remind Your Family How Helpful They Are for Participating

Keep the conversations positive. Don’t use them as times to point out where everyone’s going wrong and how they can improve.

Instead, focus on what’s going right and what your goal is. For example, focus on how you’ve noticed everyone’s taking shorter showers. Talk about how much water and money you’ve saved. Discuss the ways that impacts the environment positively.

And then discuss what needs to happen to meet your goal. Of course, remind your family the reward they get for achieving the goal.

Change Isn’t Easy!

Regardless of how you approach energy savings, it’s going to take hard work. And your family might resist at first.

But, use this approach, and you’ll notice less energy used, more money saved, and you’ll do your part to take care of the environment!

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The Ultimate Guide to Saving on Your Electricity Bill for Apartment Renters


Honest disclosure: we spend a lot of time talking to homeowners.

And sorry – we don’t give people living in apartments enough air time.

Here are some tips for you to increase your energy savings:

  1. Use lights only when you need them
  2. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs…even if you know you’re not going to stay for a long time in your current apartment
  3. In a fixture with multiple lights, do not use CFLs and incandescent bulbs – the heat from the incandescents dramatically reduces the life of CFLs
  4. Dust your lamps and light fixtures regularly so they give off their maximum brightness
  5. Portable/baseboard electric heaters eat a lot of energy. Wear thicker clothing during the winter and turn them low.
  6. Curtains and window shades help keep the heat in during winter so you don’t have to use as much electric energy heating your apartment.
  7. Turn the computer off if you’re going to be away from it for more than an hour…and do the same with your printer.
  8. Watch every other electric device in your apartment, and turn them off too because they use standby power when plugged in.
  9. Let frozen foods thaw slightly before you cook them.
  10. Use smaller appliances in place of bigger ones. For example, cook with your microwave rather than your oven when you can.
  11. To keep your food both safe and cold, keep your fridge at 36-42°, and your freezer at 0°. Using any more energy than that is just a waste.
  12. Washing your dishes by hand saves much more total energy versus using the dishwasher.
  13. Limit the length of your shower or bath. Maybe even shower or bathe at the gym as often as possible!
  14. Are you a really good tenant? Ask your landlord to buy an energy-efficient fridge or microwave. Good tenants can often get what they want.
  15. Live on the second floor? Open up your windows when it’s cooler out to circulate as much cool air as possible.

Apartment renters – we didn’t forget about you! Hope this helps you save some money so you can buy your own home.

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Top 6 Things You Didn’t Know about Electricity Use

Light bulbs

Light bulbs

There’s plenty of misinformation spread around in the consumer electric industry. And some stuff you don’t even hear about. You tend to hear the same old things over and over again.

These things might (forgive the pun) “shock” you:

  1. Lighting’s One of the Easiest Ways to Save Energy

Only about 10% of your home’s electric use goes to lighting, unless you really like to do some creative stuff with your lights. But, you can save 75% of your lighting bill instantly by switching from incandescents to CFLs.

Just 10% of the electricity that incandescent bulbs use goes to producing light…the rest is given off in heat. And that increases your energy bills during summer!

  1. Landscaping Can Save You Energy Too

You have to be pretty strategic about it, but planting trees around your home can cut your electricity costs by around 5% annually. If you plan to stay in your current home for a while, it’s not a bad idea to consider.

  1. Your HVAC Ducts Leak Lots of Air!

In any home, they’re the biggest, or one of the biggest, culprits of energy loss. You can lose around 20% of your energy efficiency through old, leaky ducts. It can happen with new ducts too because not all contractors do quality installations from the start.

  1. Keep Your Thermostat Alone by Itself

This is because if you have it near some other electronic devices, like your TV, they give off a little heat. And that raises the temperature artificially. So, that costs you more money and energy.

  1. Europe Consumes Less Energy Because it Uses Energy Efficient Products

In the UK for example, the country uses less energy even though its economy is growing. In fact, this number is around 10% less than 6 years ago. And its consumers buy lots of TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablet PCs just like we do. The country has government regulation forcing companies to stop selling the most inefficient products and appliances.

  1. How’d Europe Get This to Work?

They made it a win-win situation. This resource shows European businesses will generate an additional $49.2 billion per year going forward, and 800,000 additional jobs. 85% of Europe’s consumers take advantage of the energy label when they buy new products and appliances.

It’s totally possible to save energy going forward…but it takes a team effort from everyone to make it work.

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No Deposit Electricity in Texas – Payless Power Saves You Money Instantly


Let’s face it – money is sacred. When you can save, especially on utilities like electricity, the extra dollars add up quickly. Signing up for no deposit electricity in Texas through Payless Power allows you to access electricity instantly, even in an emergency, without the burden of a deposit looming over your first bill.

Here’s an overview of what no deposit electricity is, how it will minimize your bill, and how you can access it today.

Completely Avoid a Significant Upfront Expense with No Deposit Electricity

Many traditional electricity companies charge you a deposit to activate your service, typically due in full by your first billing. The average cost of this deposit is between $150 and $200 or higher, depending on the provider, the market, and fluctuating rates. Also, as the economy fluctuates, customer credit ratings tend to drop, unfortunately contributing to escalating deposit fees.

Fortunately, due to electricity deregulation in Texas, most residents have the ability to choose their own provider and plan, including an option for no deposit electricity. This means you are free to save a significant chunk of money upfront by not paying a deposit. Even if you’re stretched thin financially, companies like Payless Power are stepping in to help.

Payless Power Is Your Source For Instant No Deposit Electricity in Texas

Whether you choose prepaid or post-paid plans, fixed or variable, Payless Power helps you save money immediately by connecting you to electric companies in Texas with no deposit required. We work with major utilities across the state throughout more than 400 deregulated cities. Regardless of your income status or credit history, you’ll be able to get electricity as quickly as within 24 hours.

Features and benefits of our no deposit electricity packages include:

  • Locked-in and fixed rates for up to 24 months
  • Once-per-month billing
  • Low monthly rates per kWh
  • No money down and no deposit with approved credit
  • Flexible payment plans and pay-as-you-go options
  • Free Same Day or next day connection when the home is equipped with a smart meter
  • Daily notifications via text or email to keep you apprised of your usage

*Post-paid service is offered with $0 down and no deposit with approved credit. Prepaid service requires a nominal prepayment for activation, but doesn’t require a credit check

Texans are hard-working, fun-loving people who know the value of being budget-conscious, especially when it comes to staying cool in the severe heat of summer. With Payless Power, we fit your payment schedule, budget, and lifestyle to ensure that you receive the electricity service you deserve.

Start saving money today. For more information about no deposit electricity in Texas, get in touch with us to learn more, or sign up now. [Click to Call, Sign Up]

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Average Electric Bill in Texas – Celebrate Being Below Average with Payless Power


Texans have a lot to be grateful for – successful metropolitan cities, verdant ranchlands, world-class museums, and being the home of various scientific breakthroughs, to name a few. Yet another commodity Lone Star residents find worth celebrating is electricity deregulation, which can help consumers greatly reduce the average electric bill in Texas.

Approved by Texas Senate Bill 7 on January 1, 2002, electricity deregulation allows 85% of Texas power consumers (those served by a company not owned by a municipality or utility cooperative) to choose their own providers. If you live in one of the more than 400 deregulated cities throughout the state, you have the power to compare and choose plans to save money. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Waco, Tyler, and Abilene are just a handful of the many cities you’ll find recognizing deregulated power.

What Is the Average Electric Bill in Texas? Three Factors That Influence the Standard Rate

The average Texan pays approximately $10.98 per kilowatt hour (kWh), and uses about 1,171 kWh per month. As a result, the average monthly Texas electric bill is around $128.50, or $1,542 annually.

While we can calculate the average electric bill in Texas, it’s challenging to pinpoint and predict your bill because of three major factors: natural gas costs, company operating costs, and consumer usage.

Natural Gas Costs – How does fuel affect electricity? Most power generators own plants that burn natural gas. They have to pay for the gas to generate your electricity, which directly affects the rates they charge you for service. Depending on the company you choose, they might leverage different methods of implementing fuel cost into your total bill.

Operating Costs – Operating costs are dependent on both the individual provider and national market fluctuations. While companies strategize to run as efficiently as possible, equipment investments, line losses, meter reading, and other operating expenses add up for customers to influence the final bill.

Consumer Usage – Depending on whether you choose a fixed, indexed, or variable plan, our bill is ultimately calculated, respectively, based on your own projected usage, the public’s average usage, or your personal monthly consumption.

Payless Power Can Save You Money Today – How We Can Lower Your Average Bill

At Payless Power, our customers use 27% less energy than the average Texas customer. By leveraging heightened technology, a daily notification system, and access to a variety of principal utilities around the state, we are able to provide affordable rates with no deposit required.

Let’s break down why we can save you so much:

  • Requiring no deposit for standard or pay-as-you-go service, you’ll instantly save by not paying a deposit that costs between $150 and $230 on average
  • Flexible payment options allow you to pay at the end of the month for standard service, or whenever you choose with our prepaid plan
  • Many of our plans do not have an early cancellation penalty or other hidden fees, which keeps your money secure
  • Locked-in fixed rates for up to 24 months means you can reliably budget for two years
  • Convenient notifications sent to email or smartphone help our customers save as much as $415.53 annually by keeping them aware of their daily usage

No money down and total control of your usage. Our services empower you to challenge the average electric bill in Texas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the cost of energy in Texas, or sign up for services now.

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Cheapest Electricity in Houston – Payless Power Makes Staying Cool Affordable


Houston is a living gem of international culture and thrilling attractions. From the Space Center and the Houston Museum District, to The Galleria and Wortham Center, the sparkling city seizes the imagination of all who live and visit there.

One thing Houston is also known for is humidity. The night life is rich as denizens find refuge from the heat. During the day, AC and fan power is essential, but costly. Finding the cheapest electricity in Houston is a high priority for many residents throughout the metropolis.

Electricity Deregulation Across Texas Empowers You to Find the Cheapest Electricity in Houston

As an energy-consuming resident of our fine state, you couldn’t be in a better position to access the best electricity rates in Houston. Because of electricity deregulation that was approved by Texas Senate Bill 7 on January 1, 2002, 85% of Texas power consumers (those who subscribe to a company not owned by a municipality or utility cooperative) can choose their own electricity service from a variety of retail electric providers (REPs), including the incumbent utility.

Cheapest Electricity in Houston – Factors that Figure Into the Best Rates

In spite of a healthy economy built chiefly on energy, particularly oil, financially savvy Houstonians know the value of saving their hard-earned dollars. Payless Power has compiled a brief guide to the factors to look for when locating the best rates:

Deposit – Paying a full deposit to activate electricity can be a hefty sum for many consumers. On average, a deposit is one-sixth of the annual bill, which for most companies clocks out between $150 to $230. Deregulation allows you to choose companies like Payless Power that require no deposit, helping you instantly save money.

Rate Fluctuations The average Texas customer pays 10.98 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), but rates vary greatly depending on your provider, the energy market, and current environmental conditions. We always recommend that you research a variety of company rates.

Cancellation Fees – One factor that often receives little attention until it gouges your pocketbook is cancellation fees. A cancellation fee can be just as expensive as the initial deposit, so be sure to read the fine print closely!

Choose Your Plan – Get familiar with fixed, indexed, or variable plans. Fixed rate is based on a post paid offering with a contract, indexed is calculated from public average usage, and variable, the most flexible, is typically accompanied by no contracts. Variable prepaid rate plans never require a deposit with Payless Power. You simply pay as you go for the energy you use.

Daily Usage Notifications – If you choose a variable plan, make sure the company offers a notification system to help you stay aware of your daily usage. At Payless Power, our mobile daily notifications help our customers save as much as $415.53 annually.

Payless Power Makes It Possible to Find Affordable Houston Electric Rates

In a sea of competing providers, it’s challenging to decide on the best electric plan. Through Payless Power, we cut down on the hassle of researching the cheapest electricity in Houston by working with principal utilities in your area to provide affordable electricity activation, regardless of your credit history or income status.

Payless Power services include:

  • Locked-in and fixed rates for up to 24 months
  • Once-per-month billing
  • Low monthly rates per kWh
  • No money down and no deposit with approved credit
  • Flexible payment plans and pay-as-you-go options
  • Free Same Day or next day connection when the home is equipped with a smart meter
  • Daily notifications via text or email to keep you apprised of your usage

Get a head start on the summer heat when you find the cheapest electricity in Houston. For more information on comparative rates and plans, get in touch with us today or sign up for electric service.

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Cheapest Electricity in Dallas – Beat the Heat without Breaking the Bank


From picture-perfect, luminescent night skylines to the architectural wonders of Fair Park, Dallas is a cultural mecca bursting with four-star restaurants, Victorian historical districts, and a booming art scene. However, with everything there is to do in this northern metropolis, it’s still tough to beat the sweltering humidity, especially in the summer. Dallas-ites love their AC and fans, and depend on them to get by most of the year, sending many residents in search of the cheapest electricity in Dallas.

Good News! Deregulation Helps Residents Find the Cheapest Electricity in Dallas

When it comes to cheap electricity, Dallas is in luck. Based on electricity deregulation, approved by Texas Senate Bill 7 on January 1, 2002, 85% of Texas power consumers (those who subscribe to a company not owned by a municipality or utility cooperative) can choose their own electricity service from a variety of retail electric providers (REPs). What this means is that you are free to compare rates to find the cheapest electricity in Dallas to fit your budget and preferences.

So Many Rates, Packages, and Plans – How Do You Choose?

Even though Dallas’s unemployment rate is a fairly low 4.3%, residents are still budget-conscious. How do you know what to look for when researching money-saving plans and packages? We’ve compiled several factors for you to consider:

Deposit – Most electric companies require a deposit paid along with the first bill, ranging between $150 to $230. Save money instantly by going through a company like Payless Power that offers no-deposit plans for affordable, immediate activation.

Rate Fluctuations Research shows that the average Texas customer pays 10.98 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). However, rates fluctuate depending on your provider, market, and current environmental conditions, making it essential to compare rates before you buy.

Cancellation Fees – Cancellation fees can compound already pricey plans. If you should have to stop service, a cancellation fee may be just as expensive as a deposit, so review policies thoroughly.

Daily Usage Notifications – How does Payless Power help our customers use up to 27% less energy than the average residential Texas consumer? We offer notifications via email and text when you choose a variable rate plan, keeping you mindful of your usage, leading to automatic savings. When comparing electricity rates in Dallas, make sure the company you choose offers a convenient, usage tracking service.

The Final Decision – Ensuring You’ve Found the Cheapest Electricity in Dallas

Choices for electricity in Dallas are innumerable, but don’t let yourself get lost the in the shuffle. Payless Power is a superior choice for the cheapest electricity in Dallas because we don’t charge a deposit and we offer a variety of payment options to keep you cool in the heart of our bustling city. Additional benefits include:

  • Locked-in and fixed rates for up to 24 months
  • Once-per-month billing
  • Low monthly rates per kWh
  • No money down and no deposit with approved credit
  • Flexible payment plans and pay-as-you-go options
  • Free Same Day or next day connection when the home is equipped with a smart meter

Set aside more money to enjoy your summer when you save big on the cheapest electricity in Dallas. For more information on comparative rates and plans, get in touch with us today or sign up for electric service.

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